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Shiatsu by Marco Prado
photo of Marco Prado's Shiatsu office


Shiatsu is a traditional hands-on form of bodywork that combines movement, intuition and deep knowledge of the body-mind relationship to foster physical health and overall well-being.  A mutual relationship is established between receiver and practitioner by using simple body gravity.  The essence of Shiatsu is communication through touch.


Appointment Information

Call Marco at 520-275-3096 or e-mail him at info for an appointment and directions to his office.
* Do not eat solid foods or drink alcoholic beverages for two hours prior the session.
* Bring loose and comfortable clothing, such as sweats, T-shirt and a clean pair of socks.
* The session lasts 60 minutes
* Payment is by cash or personal checks
* Kindly give 24 hours notice to change or cancel an appointment
* Gift certificates are available.

Envisons for Living shiatsu office
What Marco's clients are saying

About Marco

Marco, a native of Brazil, has been practicing shiatsu for eight years.  He is a graduate of the Ohashi Institute in New York where he studied Ohashiatsu® and started his practice. He subsequently traveled extensively throughout Europe and lived five years in London. During this time he became involved in various other modalities of healing work.  He draws knowledge from such practices as Reiki, EMF (Emotional Freedom Technique), and Cranial Sacral Therapy, integrating them all into his bodywork.  His passion is to help you heal and to process your own journey.  With compassion and understanding of human nature and healing, he offers helping hands to guide you on your path toward health.

“I find the work with Marco Prado a form of physical meditation… I sense its opening to a deep, spiritual potential.  The space he has created is a safe environment, conducive to relaxing and feeling at ease. . .  His touch seems intuitive – firm, yet gentle, with presence, awareness and attention.  He shares his experience without reserve, a true knowledge, because he has done–is doing–the same work himself.” ~~Hank Tusisnki