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Japanese woman in a kimono

A Note from Marco:

A native of Brazil, I started my journey searching for a better understanding of the body-mind relationship.  This journey took me to various parts of the world. As part of my journey I have taken up various art media, including scratchboard drawing and photography.

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twilight with tree and fence

"Photography has been part of my life since childhood, when I was influenced by my father's photography hobby, his composition style and good use of light.

I started using film cameras in the early 80's and switched to digital in the mid 90's. After that it has been an interesting journey as I've used my photo library to create surreal images in Photoshop. Digital photography has also helped me evolve to a simpler way to express my passion for photography. I have participated in group exhibits in the Tucson area and in San Carlos, Mexico as a member of the Paris San Carlos Art Exchange."

Queen Victoria Lotus

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Marco Prado

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